Amsterdam based video production company

DELAMAR we houden van theater / commercial
HAEVN back in the water / music video
J√ĄGERMEISTER give it a shot / commercial
BOOKING.COM the movement hotel / content
MAAIKE OUBOTER voor jou / music video
BEHIND THE SCENES maaike ouboter 'voor jou' / music video
MASTERCARD give it a shot
SPORTCITY zomerfit / commercial
BAVARIA psv - ajax / commercial
T-MOBILE probeer het met brownie / commercial
TRIFLE short film
HEINEKEN this is kingsday / viral commercial

About us

Soda is an Amsterdam based film company dedicated to serve you the best videos. We create and produce (TV) commercials, music videos, branded content and corporate videos. We strive to create and produce high-quality content that will strike an emotional chord with the viewer. Not only by creating visually strong content, but also by taking care of meaningful storytelling related to your brand. Why not come in for a soda?

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